'It's just after 09:00 local time and the part has arrived. It looks great, once again thank you for your help! I'll look forward to ordering more from you as this project continues.

Your quality and service are excellent.'

- Mr R. Eckermaan 07/11/16


'I saw the re-productions that you did with the front grille badge a couple of years ago, as you say the quality is excellent. I just had to get one for my dad's upcoming birthday.

My dad will absolutely love it!! I'll definitely be in touch with you next time I'm on the hunt for a Jag part.'

- Mr. Swan 16/02/16


'I wish to say what a pleasure it has been dealing with you. My history of purchases with CAC goes back more than twenty years!!

In the earlier years was fine but during the past few years was beyond frustrating through poor communication. Such a pleasant change to talk to you Arthur!!!.'

- Mr. Fraser 16/10/16


"A sincere thanks to you both for all the help and assistance in restoring my XK.

Your attitude, friendliness and exceptional service have been a great fillip for me. Keep up the great work"

- Mick Duffy, Milton Keynes, UK, October 2007


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