1450 x 1. NEWLY MANUFACTURED OFF OUR OWN EXCLUSIVE TOOLING. A new, beautifully made,  XK150 Grille from our own exclusive tooling. Features a new brass surround and new brass vanes, that are individually (perfectly) polished, then jigged up and soldered into the surround. This is all then hand finished in the best quality 'Triple Chrome' Plate. We are the first company to ever completely reproduce this beautiful, classic Jaguar  grille correctly. Original Number BD13022

The additional parts are shown that are assembled onto this grille to fit 1050 badge ( & 1060 holder). For all XK150 Grille parts options see: XK150 grille parts

NOTE:  Best advice is ALWAYS  to fit grille into bonnet BEFORE PAINTING, as the old aluminium bonnet distorts and often needs reworking to fit a different grille to the original. You will note the large factory mounting lugs that were filed out to final fit the grille.

THIS MEANS : Do not  trty to force a grille into place or slam the bonnet shut or you may cause the vanes to pop out!

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New XK150 Radiator Grille BD13022

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