A nice kit that we have developed for the XK120 models to convert to a (bias adjustable) split dual brake and seperate hydraulic clutch actuation pedal box system. This makes it  far easier job for you by adding all the other necessary bits to allow you to fit it in one go.

See our SE325 pedal box listing here for the full spec.: SE325

This is basically a racing modification, so do please check it is legal for your race series or Country's road regulations before purchasing.

State if Left or Right Hand Drive vehicle, but please note that the standard  XK150 actuator is  only fitted to Right Hand Side of the bellhousing and pressure is piped to this point.

Includes an XK120 style dual reservoir cannister ( which looks like a single cannister)  to look standard for the twin 0.625/0.70" Brake cylinders, pipes and flexy hoses and fittings to plumb it all in. A matching single reservoir (0.625") is supplied for the complete XK150 design hydraulic clutch actuating assembly we supply from reservoir to the drop arm (and double coil spring).  You will then only see two reservoirs that feed into 3 seperate master cylinders). The later design slave mount plate and adjuster shaft is all included and should be fitted (on the Right hand side) to the bellhousing as per standard Jaguar XK150 spec. Special convertion brake pipe fittings also overcome step-down plumbing problems between big bore XK120 / XK140 piping and later small bore fittings.

The original cross shaft may be retained, so this kit  does not entail removal of the Clutch Plate Assembly, but the shaft may need to be removed and refitted on the Right hand side (see note above).

There is a throttle pedal attached to the Clutch / Brake Box frame, so we include a cable for you to use if you so choose.

The kit for XK120 will include the bulkhead extension plate to add extra legroom. We recommend a steel reinforcement plate is fitted below the box to prevent flexing of any floorboards.

Also SEE our XK120 Sports steering wheel for some extra legroom :2325

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SE327 XK120 Racing Pedal Box Kit with Hydraulic Clutch Actuation Conversion

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