SE454 x 1 Complete Radiator Overflow Reservoir Kit with fitting kit.

Our highly popular Aluminium Header Tank Kit that comes with correct bypass (no pressure) cap for your radiator  (advise your Model), servo quality hose and an uprated 7lb (from std. 4lb) cap on the reservoir itself.

Convert your classic to a modern 'sealed coolant system' with this simple reservoir catcher kit that ensures your cooling system never looses too much coolant, avoiding problems such as Oil / Water temperature gauge sender blowing out, overheating from coolant loss, etc.

Runs from original radiator neck, overflow take-off. Use the metre of servo hose to hide the reservoir can wherever necessary (under the wing is common), making sure it is as high as possible for natural bleeding.

PLEASE STATE WHICH RADIATOR YOU HAVE, so we may supply the correct by-pass cap:

SEE EXAMPLE PICTURES >XK120 & Early XK140 Rads have the 70mm diameter (commercial style) cap: 8110 Large  Cap

                                            >Late XK140 & XK150 Rads have thin top tanks and 60mm (modern size) caps: 8090 Small Cap

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SE454. XK Expansion ( Header) Tank - Radiator Overflow Reservoir Kit with Correct Rad Caps

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