1973 x 1.  We do have a selection of Original XK150 Drop Head & Fixed Head Coupe Bonnets. Early and late versions available, although the Late will fit either body.

Main panels are restored / welded as necessary for any stress fracture damage (that they all suffer from) by one of Coventry's top expert welders. Aluminium of this age is difficult to repair without accidentally burning it away. It is a really skilled touch needed to do it properly.

Original bonnets. although reworked / restored as necessary,  you may assume, will be an easy fit to a car, but note all bonnets will need to be fine 'tailored' to the specific vehicle as the design of  XK wings mean that they are positioned onto the car individually and are adjusted to suit the doors and bonnet as necessary. Bonnets do not just swap over from one XK150 to another!! When new bonnets are commissioned, the builder will ask for the car, so he may build it to a perfect fit. The trailing scuttle edge may require trimming to suit so are often not  edged as original. A poor bonnet fit can usually be seen from the side as the shut can vary considerably down this long bonnet / wing section. A skilled restorer will build the panels up for a uniform gap. This fault can be very obvious with light coloured cars, not so much with darker colours. Remember when new, the XK range were budget sportscars, they were not hand finished and wide panel shuts werte the norm, not the exception.

NOTE: If you can see the bonnet buffers from the front, the wings are positioned too wide apart and should be pulled in, under the bonne edge flange.

NOTE 2 : Grilles should then always be fitted 'into' the bonnet before painting as they cannot be forced into place. Then refer back to sections above as bonnet may now be a different shape!!

Crating / shipping is by arrangement and pick up is preferred as this is a large and delicate aluminium panel to move.

Price is open to reasonable offers, but these items are now hard to find in ready to fit condition!

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Original XK150 Drop Head & Fixed Head Coupe Bonnet BD12543 / BD15379

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