4273 x 1 . Top quality, specialist built, complete twin (sports) exhaust system for all variations of the classic Jaguar XK140 and XK150  models (except Automatics).

Our special exhausts use the proper diameter tubing with correctly tooled  free-flowing bends (that do not undercut into the pipe, often causing

flow restrictions) that are not seen on the cheap and nasty systems that use incorrect, undersized bending equipment.

separated, twin exhaust system allows the faster exit of exhaust gasses from each set of individual exhaust manifolds to allow more power to be

released from the engine (de-restriction). Our pipes are uniform bent to provide excellent gas flow, using correct big-bore tooling.

 Made to a very high standard, in corrosion resistant (409 grade), stainless steel (inox).

The end of the tailpipes are highly polished (304 grade stainless steel) 'to give the rump of your Big Cat a lovely pair of Tails!'

Correctly baffled silencers provides a beautiful burble that creates a very pleasant sound to the ear, avoiding the high note resonances

that many aftermarket systems seem to produce.

Our exhausts feature flexible sections that are essential for these vehicles as that straight six jumps about a bit when you make it roar!

We offer our buyers a lifetime guarantee and have never had a system failure in over 20 years of retailing!

 These sets are made especially for us, and you will not find the same system anywhere else - unless of course they have been bought from us!

Our systems are fitted with multi-hole silencer mounting brackets, ensuring simple alignment to the body mounts after passing the front pipes through

the two holes in the chassis. This makes the system very easy to fit.

We sell these to into the Trade all day, everyday and have done for the past 20 years!

Our catalogue part number for this specific set is 4273.

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Jaguar XK140 XK150 Best Fit Exhaust System Twin Stainless Steel (4273)

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