This is the clutch lever which sits on the outside of the XK150 bellhousing, to actuate the bearing on the shaft. 

Our own exclusive product, just back in stock after 2 years of not been available. 

It is manufactured by us,  from our own exclusive tooling, out of the correct heavy duty cast iron. (not the inferior aluminium version that is known to snap off!)

It holds the clutch adjuster rod via the trunnion which locates within it's yoke.

The original Jaguar reference is C12942

NOTE: All associated parts, such as adjuster rod assembly, slave cylinder and re-inforced, mount bracket are available from our extensive catalogue, and even the rare 'Thackeray' (double) washer (our part no. 3508) to the bellhousing!! We make all the correct parts for XK's. 

 It is suitable for original fitment onto Jaguar XK150, AND ANY XK120 OR XK140 CONVERTED TO HYDRAULIC CLUTCH which is common with many gearbox conversions, to simplify them. 

Made with our own correct tooling in the correct materials, it's catalogue reference is 3504.

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3504 JAGUAR XK150 CAST IRON Clutch Lever, Bearing Actuator on Shaft

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