Stuart MacNeill, Managing Director at Coventry Auto Components, is a true car enthusiast and is helped by the dedicated team of Lorna Jarrett, Barry (Baz) Ruddock and Gordon Keith. He loves the business, and like Trevor, Stuart's father was involved in the Coventry automotive (and agricultural) motor industry so he's been around cars all his life. If you get him chatting you will find he is an authority on Classics, Hot Rods, Customs, Americana, and modern XK (X150) and loves wringing the last bit of performance out of anything, even computers! Stuart joined Coventry Auto Components in 1994, but started in the trade after college with the Motorworld group, then went on to Unipart, and then landed at Jaguar Car’s world famous Browns Lane plant, for 6 of its ‘John Egan’ , boom years, working in the Central Production Stores. When Stuart started he was the youngest storeman in the company, later qualifying as a Group Leader overseeing a gang of 8 storemen and part supplies to the various Final Line Tracks. When the position of Manager, running Coventry Auto Components, as sportscar specialist, became available. It was almost too good to be true. Just 10 minutes from his home in Allesley Park and working with the type of performance cars he loves. It was a baptism of fire for him on arrival though, as he thought he knew about Jaguars….. but he had to step back 30 years and learn to research diligently on his classic car history! He says he is still always learning, and that is a big feature in his great enjoyment of the business.

Stuart looked at the way spares were sourced and brought in newer systems and ideas that improved efficiency and raised standards, which has allowed many rare parts to become available again. The business has been maintained with constant attention to improving component fit and quality as well as continually introducing new lines in all kinds of materials. If you boast of stocking a complete range, then you must strive to do just that. Making slow-moving obscure parts is often much more costly than high turnover items, but sometimes you have to just “ put your money where your mouth is”. Stuart is now highly experiebced in drawing parts, digital restoration of documents, he can restore components like heaters and correct XK gauges, oversee numerous engineering projects and heavy presswork jobs and has written many highly regarded articles and hundreds of short information advice sheets to be found here on our website, often just inserted for free into our shop.

Coventry Auto Components is strategically placed for remanufacture in the Midlands. Facilities around Coventry for low production runs are decreasing now, but we still seek out the right company for the right job. We even have family links to independent, prototyping workshops making parts for us and respected concerns such as Jaguar Works. Parts are more accurate than they've ever been as people demand higher standards. We believe our XK120/140/150 bumper and overrider range are quite superb because Stuart oversees inspection personally. He is so specialised in chrome plating that he has written a worldwide re-published article ( seen in the XK Gazette, the E-Type Magazine, Jaguar Enthusiast magazine) describing how to approach the commission of, and the great intricacy of it.

Innovation plays an important role too. With so many cars being modified, we have to provide solutions to the small problems created by a so-called straight-forward change. For instance, when you fit a B-type cylinder head to an XK, the mechanical rev-counter drive is lost. Coventry Auto Components developed a mechanical drive housed in the body of the generator type. This bolts straight onto a 'B' (or later straight port) head and drives the existing rev-counter. Modern three-stage foam full-flow air filter elements are another best seller. They are much more efficient than the old wire mesh type, are washable and can last forever! More modifications include uprated waterpump kits, XK120 rear telescopic damper kits, and disc brake conversions that replace the drum system, upgrading the XK120 wire wheel equipped and now even the steel wheel cars. Our popular five-speed gearbox conversion kits use a modern style gearboxes and are complete kits with box, adaptor plate, spigot bush, speedo cable, propshaft and instructions! We now even make a 'traditional look' gearknob to suit the shift patttern. More items are continually being introduced . We have introduced of modular build or 'Simple Solutions' packages that will build up to a comprehensive range of build kits so you will be able to plan a comprehensive and full re build of your classic XK by just picking out the build 'modules' you prefer and adding them together to get a complete build / cost package.

We also offer comprehensive 'TRADE PACKS' that include complete interior chrome, exterior chrome, body seals etc... kit lists, that provide a comprehensive, 'quick check' build sheet for the busy workshop.

Coventry Auto Components is best known for new parts , have always stocked second-hand parts, some of which go for reconditioning, so we have an extensive selection of service / exchange parts too. The full range of gauges, starter motors and dynamos, distributors and wiper motors, steering boxes and rack & pinion units are all listed on the shop. The list goes on and on and on.... We even have a C-Type & D-Type catalogue, researched from original factory A3 build sheet listings! In July 2007, Stuart MacNeill and a partner, Martin Green, purchased the business from Trevor Scott-Worthington and Stuart continued to run the business, but now as the Managing Director. August 2015 saw Stuart MacNeill achieve his dream to step up and purchase the rest of the company and to this day, as sole owner, continues to lead from the helm. He is always there (or nearby) to advise his team and chat with customers, on the phone, by email or enjoy meeting them in person . Since 2015 he has continuously re-invested back into the business, developing tooling for new product lines that were not previously attainable, and will continue to do so as an ongoing personal project to keep Coventry Auto Components at the forefront of the XK marketplace. Stuart’s team have been busy developing not only new parts lines, but are also restoring a range of Classic Jaguar Parts Books (From the SS100 onwards) and classic Workshop Manuals. Their informative Parts, Special Equipment Performance and detailed Panels Catalogue have evolved into this information packed, and clearly one of the best car parts websites out there. They also have a Facebook page to continually keep you updated on new developments and they still put a small selection of their range onto their e-Bay shop for new customers to find their way to them. Stuart comments, "We are so proud and grateful for the knowledge and effort that my mentor, Trevor Scott-Worthington contributed over almost 40 years, and treasure the heritage and impeccable name the company has. Beyond these traditions, we are updating systems, compiling precious information, sourcing new parts and services, and building security for the future. Even when one day the internal combustion engine will become purely a hobby vehicle, our customers will still benefit from new technologies, whilst still being reassured by our approach to offering a traditional, old school, service".

Remember, Coventry Auto Components is not a multi-national company, it is completely independently owned. It is not dabbling in all kinds of Jaguar spares in general, it is clearly focused, specific and effective in what it enjoys doing. As long as there are Classic XKs on the road, Coventry Auto Components will endeavour to be there to provide the quality service that owners, workshops and even museums have come to expect from them.

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