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We are very happy to welcome you to our website.

The year of 2019 is our anniversary of us specialising in these vehicles for 50 years. So you know you can trust us to be able to help you.

We are proud to make the best quality, independently manufactured, parts in the world. Our superb range of quality parts are nearly exclusively U.K. made. We manufacture to the highest quality, parts, panels and accessories that can be fitted to your 1950’s Classic or 'special' and to ensure this we keep a vast store of original samples and patterns.

We provide Jaguar XK120, XK140 & XK150 owners, parts re-sellers and workshops with a professional and friendly service. Providing our own brand of highest quality parts, reconditioned original units and even some original second hand (pre-loved!) core parts to help continue the running of this Classic Jaguar marque well into the 21st century.

Please check out our information packed, online shop, which is constantly updated with new products, information, data sheets, fitting advice and unique pictures. You can perhaps grab yourself a 'one-off' bargain too, as we are celebrating 50 years trading in XK parts and are putting up constantly changing, 'Online 50th anniversary offers'.


We are actually the first line manufacturer and so invest in commissioning our own tooling, from original samples, but wherever possible with modern, higher quality materials. Our own products are sourced within the UK, manufactured by the best British craftsmen to give you, the customer, peace of mind when restoring a cherished 50's classic.

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Our business is based on expertise, experience, dedication and willingness to give good service. We have an excellent reputation from 50 years of established retail and trade supply and we are proud to be a 'cornerstone' of the Classic Xk world. We not only supply parts but we know what we are talking about when it comes to the details too. Our shop contains the largest collection of data available but if you need further information or advice please do speak to us. We are here to help you restore your vehicle to it’s former glory, or maybe even better!

Stuart MacNeill, our Director is a renown Classic XK Jaguar Specialist, an ex-Jaguar stores (CPS), accredited Group Leader and (quite probably the only one you will ever find in the Jaguar aftermarket). Coventry born and bred, he has been in the motor trade for over 35 years (in 2019) and he has run the company since 1994. Not just a parts box-opener, he actually understands engineering of parts from the material construction, right through manufacture to supply and correct finish and fitting, how it works and why it works. He can advise you on correct procedures for logical and progressive assembly of the vehicle, which is great for you chaps that don’t like to read the instruction manuals! He also writes articles for specialist Jaguar magazines such as XK Club and also publications that are available on new-stands worldwide. Some are to be found above, reproduced in the 'Articles' section on this website.

When not at work, he can be found playing with his XK 4.2, Classic Camaro Z28, hovercraft or practising stunts on his wakeboard at Kingsbury Water Park behind a powerboat. He’s not really getting old gracefully, as he has 'The Need For Speed!'

Salesman Barry (BAZ) Ruddock is an amazing mechanic, who is as good with repairing modern Jaguars as he is with classics and everyday cars, and in fact loves messing with anything mechanical.

Lorna is the company’s Accounts and Office Manager and has been with the company for over 26 years. She’s the quiet one in the corner that everyone loves chatting to when they call.

Our Storeman, Gordon, has been with us over 20 years and ensures all your parts parcels are professionally packed and received undamaged. Yes, it's his beautiful handwriting that you admired on your parcel and his careful packing you have had to fight your way through!
We are a very 'personal' company and many customers become lifelong friends as well as loyal customers, even after their cars are completed, and customers are always welcomed with a cuppa and regulars know to pre-order parts to ensure they are all  here as stock is constantly changing.

We can always help you, whether your XK is a racer, a daily driver or a concours show car.

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