The Disklok is a Silver powder coated Steering Wheel Full Cover, 'Clam' design Security Lock which pivots at the bottom and has an upwards facing lock at the top.This is the Smallest size which fits most cars with a  35cm - 39cm diameter steering  wheel. (13.5" - 15.5").

This device fully encloses and freewheels (rotates) around the steering wheel once fitted, preventing the car from been steered away, especially if you remember to turn the wheels sideways and then engage the cars built-in steering lock!

CONSIDERED TO BE THE BEST STEERING WHEEL LOCK ON THE U.K. MARKET. THATCHAM ( Category 3) APPROVED (The top UK Automotive security device, testing authority). 

A big, very visual, steering  wheel lock that screams  "You aren't gonna nick my car today !"

Please do also remember to keep your Disklok key seperate from your car keys, in case they are stolen from you or your home ..................... or the whole point of fitting an extra vehicle lock becomes pointless!

DISK 1. STANDARD DISKLOCK (Disc-lock) Steering Lock for 35cm -39cm Diameter Steering Wheel. High Security Lock. 35-39cm

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